Wednesday 22 September 2021

Wife "Where are you going with my knickers?"

An interesting post from Our Alter Eco Facebook Page or Our Alter Eco Web Site 

After 2 months, the results are in…

We buried 5 x 100% cotton white undies in 5 different locations to compare soil health.
It is commonly misunderstood just how ALIVE soil is. More than 25% of our planet’s life live in the soil, mostly in the form of microbes 🌏.
Microbes 🪱 play a huge role in plant health. They act as the plant’s ‘stomach’, digesting nutrients and providing key chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorous for plant cells to take in. Microbes can also move water around and prevent diseases.
So yeah, they are a big deal 🙌🙌
#soilyourundies challenge by @unediscovery showcases the amount of soil life. The more degraded the undies, the more life your soil contains (meaning a healthier soil).
1. CONTROL- no signs of decay
2. CONVENTIONAL FARMED LAND- 2x 1cm sign of decay, otherwise no decay
3. BAG PURCHASED COMPOST- no signs of decay
4. BAG PURCHASED POTTING MIX- 50% decay. ~50% cotton remaining + elastic
5. HOMEMADE COMPOST- >90% decay. <10% cotton remaining + elastic
The homemade compost was made from friends, families and local businesses green + brown waste. For more information, send us a DM
EDIT: this does not replace having a proper soil test. The undie experiment is to showcase on a visual level to promote soil health to a wider audience.

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