Saturday 18 September 2021

Suttons 1806 Red Seed Tin

I received a nice surprise in the post today in the from of a Suttons 1806 Red Seed Tin and a number of packs of seeds that are new varieties added to the Suttons range for the 2022 growing season from their marketing department. Receiving trial products and seeds is one of the benefits of having created this blog and being considered as Gardening Press for the last eight years.

As regular readers will know I usually attend the Gardening Press Event in London. The glee gardening event at the NEC Birmingham has been going on between the 14th - 16th September 2021. 

For me Birmingham is way too far to go and I have to say as a person in the high risk category, I'm hoping that the London Gardening Press event in 2022 will be a combined virtual and actual event, as I'm still not happy about travel on the tube, and going into London for anything at the moment.

House of Sutton 
In 1806, John Sutton (1777-1863) founded the Suttons brand. Originally called the ‘House of Sutton’, the company was located on King Street, Reading, and concentrated on growing and supplying corn (maize). 

A Royal Request Suttons received Royal patronage in 1858, when Queen Victoria requested Martin Hope Sutton to supply seeds to the Royal household. The honour of the Royal Warrant has been bestowed on the firm ever since - right up to the present day with Her Majesty the Queen.

I hate to mention Christmas this early, however it will not be long until It's that time of the year when gardeners will start collecting the left over tins from the Shortbread, Classic Sweets, posh biscuits and Jacobs Crackers (not in the picture but I have my eye on it) as the square ones are really useful as mouse proof storage down the allotment.

Or if you are looking for a gift for that gardening or allotment plot holder in your family you could always treat them to a Suttons 1806 Red Seed Tin that has a design from the Suttons archives on the front. 

This quality metal tin has plenty of space for storing your favourite seed varieties. It measures 155mm x 210mm and is 55mm deep. It can be purchased for £11.99 from this web page  I'm not on commission, I just know how hard it is to find gifts for gardeners, and I like the tin! 

Inside my Suttons tin at the moment are:- 

Beans (Runner) Black Knight - 20 seeds - £3.99 
Parsnip Warrior  F1 - 350 Seeds - £2.99
Tomato Burlesque F1 - 10 Seeds - £2.99
Leek Lancelot - 65 Seeds - £2.49 
Cucumber Mini Munch F1 - 4 Seeds - £3.99  

Some of these above I had already highlighted as I have been looking at all the different seed suppliers and especially what new varieties they have for 2022, as I do like to trial new varieties as well as growing heritage vegetables. 

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