Monday 5 October 2020

The Need to Grow

Our global food system is broken. In fact, the UN estimates we have fewer than 60 years of farmable soil left on Earth. And many of us are concerned that governments, pesticide manufacturers and “Big Ag” want to control what we eat. However, there ARE solutions.⠀

And our movie “The Need to GROW” documents disruptive (and hopeful!) new technology that threatens to shift the balance of power AWAY from the global food companies…And into the hands of the people.⠀
If you’re passionate about healthy food and creating a brighter future for our planet, please Watch This Film (for FREE) right away:
Many deep-rooted corporate interest groups want this technology to quietly disappear.⠀
We can’t let that happen. We WON’T let it happen. Which is why we're sharing our movie for free at:⠀
The film is engaging, informative, and compelling without being preachy. The more people who watch this movie (and learn about these solutions)... The more chance we have of leaving our children and grandchildren a green, healthy, thriving planet.
The film is engaging, informative and compelling without being preachy.⠀It will give you hope, and inspire you to participate in the restoration of the Earth. Join us in making a difference.⠀

Watch the Movie, learn about the solutions, and help spread the word.

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