Sunday 11 October 2020

Stuff That Gets In The Way!

Kelly moved back into the house yesterday after house sitting for her sister, so that meant I could be up early and on the plot as I have a lot too do. Yes It's stuff that gets in the way of me getting the infrastructure moved forward but it's necessary.

The "stuff" in question is cleaning and sorting out the shed. I took it upon myself to repaint the right side of the shed and return around the corners as one of the objectives was to get the extension fixed back on the side of the shed. 

The back of the shed had never actually been painted and as it was always under the canopy of trees and ivy it has not weathered so now exposed it will need a couple of coats of paint. 

I then got into emptying the contents of the shed and sorting through them to see what could be thrown and what needed to be sorted out. I came to the conclusion that rather than have two shed filled with a similar mix of items that I would organise a little better. I also needed to clear the plot 1 shed, racking so that I had somewhere to store the Winter Squash. 

So now all the weed killer and slug pellets etc. all live in the plot 1A shed and my racking system was free for Winter Squash. I took a number of each variety home to try, and for my daughter Emma. 

What's on the rack in the photo is what's left. I have no idea where I will put the Butternut Squash when I harvest them, which will need to be soon as the temperatures are dropping and we have talk of first frost and perhaps even snow coming soon. 

I did quite well on the Thompson & Morgan Winter Squash front, I thought the baked potato variety were a little light but then I found three more hiding under the foliage after I took this photo. In total I harvested 16 Baked and 18 mashed from four plants. so that works out at 4 to 5 per plant, which is what it says on the pack. There were a few very small additional ones but something had already been in there and started eating them, as if they knew they were too small to survive or be useful the to human that looks after the plots. 

I'm really looking forward to finding out how these taste, I have half the pack of seeds of each left for the 2021 season. I love the fact that the bush up and stay more or less where you plant them and unlike the Waltham Butternut Squash, they don't want to invade the surrounding beds, paths and even try and escape onto the boundary path and into my neighbours plot!

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