Thursday 1 October 2020

New Seed Varieties from Mr Fothergill's for 2021

Part of my order of New! Seed Varieties from Mr Fothergill's for 2021 and just New To Me! varieties that arrived on the 30th September, there are a few packs to follow from the 9th October.

The seed packs along the top of the photo appear to be temporary seed packs because the seed are so new they have not got their final tailored jackets just yet. 

So top row from left to right we have;

New! Coriander Lemon (FREE SEED) - No web page set up yet. 
New! (annual) Blue Derim Salvia horminum (FREE SEED) - No web page set up yet.

Bottom Row from Left to right we have; 

New To Me! Tomato Gold Nugget  

A little bit about why each one ended up on my order form, and my to grow list for 2021 

New! Sweetcorn Picasso - Its a New Variety to Mr Fothergill's and I'm up for trying out new varieties, I have some from this year to trial, however with the extra half plot I can keep them far enough away from each other so that cross pollination should not be a problem, plus I will have twice as many as they go way to fast in our family, and if I'm not lucky the local squirrel find out they a ripe before me and eats some.  

New! Parsnip Picador F1 - This parsnip has a nice shape to it the web site says clean and high yielding as you only get one parsnip per seed I assume they mean good germination rates. According to the web site write up it is resistant to canker which is always good and it has an excellent flavour. It was a winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit, so it has to be worth a go.

New! Aubergine Green Knight F1 - Now I have to admit I have not grown Auberine before , I have some of the more traditional black varieties to grow next year but this slender, smooth jade green variety just looked so interesting. The web site says the flesh is dense and holds together well when cooked. Now I have not only not grown before but I have not knowingly eaten them either, however I have an Asian friend who makes chutney for charity and I promised him I would have a bash in 2021 and he can have the produce as long as he cooks me something to try, or I get some of his chutney. I have a solar tunnel to play with in 2021 and after reading about them I'm thinking Aubergine's will like it in there.    

New! Tomato (Cherry) Honeycomb F1 - Now anyone who knows me or reads manvslug knows that I grow a lot of tomatoes usually in excess of 22 varieties in the back garden and some additional varieties on the allotment, under cover and out in the open. I have a huge tomato seed bank of heritage varieties and have been in a lot of seed circles. However I'm not against growing Fi varieties and as I have been turned from the dark or should I say red side of the force, I was interested in trying some orange and yellow varieties this year. 

Honeycomb fits the bill on account it's a cherry, it's a "Sungold" type producing lots of delicious, firm and juicy cherry tomatoes. The wife and I consume for cherry tomatoes daily all year with our lunch. It can be grown outdoors as well as indoors. The web site states that this vigorous vining plant has been bred with a resistance to splitting which is always annoying when it happens. 

New! Broccoli (Sprouting) Purple Rain F1 - Normally I grow the more traditional varieties of Broccoli and we love to have it with a Sunday or any other day roast dinner. I don't normally have problems growing broccoli, I do however sometimes have trouble catching it at the right time to harvest, especially being a carer and not being able to get down the the allotment as frequently as I would like. 

According to the web site this variety is "extremely productive, it will continue to produce fresh young, deeply coloured spears for weeks on end which taste tender. Plants have good heat tolerance and are slow to bolt", which if 2021 is anything like the last couple of years will be useful. 

New! Squash (Winter) Mashed Potato - Now I'm growing Thompson & Morgans Winter Squash Mashed and Baked Potato varieties and I have no idea if what is new to Mr Fothergill's this year is what was new for T&M Last year. It's curious if it is that Mr F's is not selling the baked potato variety!

So why grow in 2021, well as the web site page for this Squash says "Grow Something Different" I love that it can be mashed just like potato but with a fraction of the calories as I'm stout, type 2 diabetic and need to loose weight and eat more healthy. It appears it produces 5 - 6 fruits per plant like the T&M one and I want to see how similar it is or isn't to what I'm growing this year and about to harvest and try.     

New To Me! Cucumber (Gherkin) Cornichon de Paris - Not a new variety to Mr Fothergill's but a new one to me. I have great results growing cucumbers and I know Gherkins are just another cucumber but one that is good for the pickling jar, however my results in the past have been dismal and I'm looking for a variety of Gherkin that I can have some success with. 

I don't actually like Gherkins, but there again it's not all about me! My Sister loves them and I would like to grow, pickle and provide her with something that has been grown and pickled especially for her.

New To Me! Green Manure - Autumn Winter Mix - See my previous post about this green Manure 

New! Brussels Sprouts Igor F1 - Sprouts are like puppies they are not just for Christmas the web site write up for this one says it yields high amounts of remarkably sweet and solid, mid-green buttons, and that its has a very good resistance to frost.    

New To Me! Tomato Principe Borghese - Now Tony C Smith on YouTube has been going on about his Prince Bogies Tomatoes for weeks and when I saw what these look like and taking into account that Tony is from up North, I think this is the variety hehas been growing and harvesting. Now I have to admit for him they were very prolific and I thought no one is going to call a tomato Prince Bogies but I do believe I've found them.

They are a classic Italian sun-dried type (Midi-plum) Charming, egg-shaped fruits that grow in generous bunches. The classic Italian 'sun-dried' variety, harvest whole plants and hang in a sunny, airy position until fruits become leathery to touch. With a determinate, bushy habit that require no support it is best grown outdoor in a sheltered location.

New! Beetroot Kornett - but the web site says "A previous favourite which is now back!" Very productive, this dependable ‘Detroit’ type is easy to grow and versatile. Roots are sweet and firm and can be lifted as baby beets when young or left to mature. An excellent source of folate and good source of potassium.

I grow a huge amount of beetroots, and pickle them and distribute around the family and friends. I have a huge amount of saved jars and I have only a couple of jars left in the store as beetroot growing didn't happen this year. 

New! Mint (Applemint) - I'm not very good at growing mint especially as It's always in containers as it spreads so easily and is invasive. In 2021 I'm looking at having a square foot herb garden, and hopefully I will find a way of containing it to it's square. 

New To Me! Vailan (Winter Gem) -'Little Gem' type lettuce for winter greenhouse or frame. Sweet, succulent well filled-hearts given frost protection. I found this variety when I was looking for Lettuce to grow over winter and if I can get the second greenhouse up and running on the allotment, I will try to grow some hydroponically as well as in soil. My aim to to grow lettuce all year round as again it's something we eat all the time. 

New! Tomato Gold Nugget -  A slightly oval-round  yellow cherry tomato with thick tender skins and a mouth-watering flavour balanced perfectly between tangy and sweet. A determinate variety with compact and bush habit. Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit for reliability and good performance. They look mouth watering, and after the yellow tomatoes I grew this year I just had to give this new variety a go in 2021.  

Here are some of the New! Varieties that can be found on pages 26 - 31 of the Autumn 2020 Seed Catalogue that didn't make it to my grow in 2021 list but, may be of interest to you.

Celery Pink - I was tempted with this one but resisted celery this year

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