Saturday 24 October 2020

Natural Grower - Liquid Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner


Natural Grower is a company that produces natural liquid fertiliser and solid soil conditioner

The company is family owned by Charlotte & Richard Beaty and they only launched their Natural Fertilising & Natural Soil Conditioner products in February of 2019 but their background with growing goes back much further than that.

The family has been farming at Nevill Holt in Medbourne, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England for over 50 years – originally operating as a dairy unit before diversifying into arable crops. They invested in a renewable energy plant – an anaerobic digester that is fed with maize grown on the farm. They discovered that one of the process’s by-products was a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser that could be used to fertilise their arable crops.

This opened their minds to the possibilities and benefits of replacing chemical fertilisers on their land and they soon saw outstanding results in their own farm crops, garden vegetables and plants. Naturally, they wanted to share this success with other keen gardeners looking for an effective, organic solution and expand their business income.

As we know chemical fertilisers and intensive farming are gradually killing our soil and forecast predict that if we don’t change the way in which we fertilise and take care of that precious six inches of topsoil that it will be gone in 60 years.

I and many others spend a lot of time and effort to make compost and look for natural organic means of growing and we like to look after the worms and other critters and organisms that live and make the magic happen in our topsoil. 

Here is how the production of the Natural Growers two products happens.

Both solid & liquid products are approved organic and vegan, completely natural and contain no petrochemicals, that for me and many other allotment holders and gardeners ticks an important box. It’s also available in a selection of sizes to suit the end users needs and pocket

The Natural Liquid Fertiliser can be purchased in either a 2 Litre Bottle or a 10 Litre Jerry Can. The Natural Plant Feed or Soil Conditioner is sold in a 1 Litre pouch, 16 Litre Tub or a 50 litre Bag or sack.

There is also a selection of bundle offers with a 25% discount

50 Litre Bag & 2 Litre Bottle 25% OFF

4 x 50Litre bags of soil conditioner Save 25% of 4 for 3

Seconds & Re Used Tubs Save 25% See Spot The Difference Post

Check out the Natural Growers Web site for the current prices and other offers, they also sell Accessories in the form of Green Growing Pockets, Green Growing Pots, The Green Block, Tea Towels, Half and Full Length Flower Power Gardening Aprons 

How to Use or Apply the Products

Liquid Fertiliser


The natural liquid fertiliser is concentrated and, once diluted, can be poured around the base of plants or pots in the garden to be quickly absorbed as a potent source of fast feed.

It is recommend that you wear gloves when handling these products as they have a strong (but completely natural) aroma. Wash your hands after use.

Mix 100ml of liquid fertiliser with 5 litres of water in a watering can (without a rose).

Apply to the soil around the plants for immediately available nutrients.

Apply every week to get great results.

When fruits are starting to swell increase to two feeds a week.

Do not store in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.


Soil Conditioner

The natural soil conditioner is a mulch that’s designed to be dug into the soil before planting, or used on the surface of your beds as a top dressing. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other trace elements, it’s broken down gradually by organisms in the soil as a long-term, slow release fertiliser.

Before planting your vegetables or plants, spread a thick layer (1cm deep) over the soil surface and, using a fork, work the ground to a depth of 10-15 cm.

Add more if you encounter difficulties in making seed beds, planting, or if the soil dries out in summer.

When planting roses, potted plants or trees, mix 1 spade full of conditioner to 5 spade fulls of soil at the base of the hole and then work in some more of the conditioner and soil mix around the plant

The conditioner can also be used as a mulch on the surface of the soil in beds and in container grown plants. It will help to retain moisture over the dry summer months and also slowly release the nutrients to the plants.

When used as a mulch, the conditioner will also help to suppress weeds. Perfect for the no dig gardener.

Natural Products for Organic and Vegan Growers. Approved by the Soil Association, Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) and The Vegan Society.

My plan is to use Natural Grower fertiliser and soil conditioner on one of the three square foot gardening beds and to see what difference it actually makes to the produce coming out of ground at harvest.

Bed One will be "Mels Mix" only and no additional fertiliser
Bed Two will be "Mels Mix" with a dressing of Natural Growers Soil Conditioner 
Bed Three will be Mels Mix made with CoCo Coir Grow Plus with added NPK 

All three beds will have the same arrangement of vegetables sown at the same time. I do love a trial of a new product, roll on next year and lets see the results!  

Small Print, I have not been paid to write this and don't get commission by you using the link to visit them, they are just a UK Based environmentally friendly family owned company that has good products and needs our support.

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