Thursday 3 October 2019

Woodchips for Paths

Many moons ago I found a web site Arbtalk set up to put Tree Surgeons in contact will people including allotment plot holders who are looking for woodchip for their paths or if very leafy to use as a mulch on their plots. 

I should have asked the driver to back up a little more as half of the load went on my plot and the other half went on the communal path (see top two photos) So whilst I was waiting for him to bring back a second load to go into the drop off and pick up area for anyone else who may need woodchip's on the site, I shovelled the heap off the path as much as possible. I so love the plastic shovels for doing the kind of thing so light weight and easy to use for a long time. 

Next week weather permitting I will eat into the pile from the main path side and start wheel barrowing it along the path between myself and my neighbour to form a margin to the kerb stones I put in a couple of weeks ago. 

Second load in the drop off and pick up area for all on the site to share 

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