Friday 11 October 2019

Ryobi Battery Operated Soldering Iron

Introducing the 1st 18v Soldering Iron into the Ryobi One+ family of tools. As the R18SOI-0 forms part of the One Plus range it can run off your existing 18v Batteries or you can purchase additional batteries and chargers

The R18SOI is the ideal tool for automotive and craft applications due to its compact size and has a cable length of 83cm to give you plenty of maneuverability. 

What Ryobi had not thought off is that it's actually ideal for allotment holders who want to cut/weld weed membrane sheets on their allotments. I have been thinking about how I was going to deal with cutting the weed membrane for the Dalek army when I move all the daleks into the area along the boundary between Plots 1 & 2. I now have the perfect solution to the problem.  

It is capable of reaching 480°C in approximately 50 seconds. The pencil grip has been designed to provide user comfort and precision control. A fully charged 5.0Ah Battery will give 180 minutes of power 

This model features an LED light to indicate the status of when the tool is heating up and cooling down.

Weed membrane cut to bed size and holes cut/ burnt with the soldering iron to prevent the sheet from coming unwoven and shaggy

Planting Membrane sheet made for walking onion bed  

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