Sunday, 20 October 2019

Sunday Short Visit

The problem being carers is that when the person you look after is not on a good day, week or month or at a point where they need more intensive care is that you don't get the time you would like or have historically had to tend your plot. 

The flip side of that is that you actually need some time away from the home environment to mentally and physically recharge your batteries. Today is such a day when by the time I was able to safely get away there were only two and a half hours until I needed to get back as we had someone coming around in the afternoon.

Allotments, gardening and getting out and into the natural environment is beneficial to your mental and physical well being no matter how short a time you are there. I would like to get more regular short visits in, but I'm not always in control of my freedom to do so.  

View up plot 1A from the boundary with Plot 1 looking at beds  2-5 on the left and 11-7 in the middle with 14-16 on the right.  Bed 10 Beetroots and weeds, Bed 9 Kiwano, Mini White Cucumbers and two Pumpkins 

The two Pumpkins in Bed 10

Pumpkin on the path between Bed 16 & 15 

All the Butternut squash foliage has been removed from bed 9, it just needs weeding and the winter full bed sheet on to replace the planting sheet. 

Bed 5 partly cleared of potatoes and recovered with planting membrane sheet so I can see where the seed potatoes were planted when I dig the rest up. I basically ran out of time but came home with potatoes in a trug which I will was dry and store out in the brick shed. 

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