Sunday 27 October 2019

Harvesting & Winter Cover Up

So having grown these Kiwano's and harvested them today as the weather is turning and we are due a frost soon they are still green and not yet turned orange, so where is the best place to leave these to ripen off or can you eat them when they are green? If you have answers please let me know.

Beetroots harvested, some are very large and I'm hoping not too woody 

Four mini white cucumbers harvested today, and the mesh climbing frame was dismantled the bed weeded and then covered over for the winter. Two Daleks have been filled to the brim once again with the vegetation from the Butternut squash beds, the kiwano and cucumber bed and from the comfrey which is now in the process of dying off. a layer of schreddings was installed between the green material.

With the clocks going back, and my daughter being around in the morning it did mean that I could get to the allotment by 8:00, however because I didn't reset the clock in the kitchen she was early for lunch so I still lost out on a further hour on the plot this morning. 

Then Facebook sent me a reminder of what my plot looked like 7 years ago, and actually it makes me not so worried that I still have two and a half beds of spuds to dig up and half of the beds on the plot to clear of weeds and cover for the winter 


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