Sunday 4 August 2019

Cucumber Sunday

What a difference a week makes in the life of a cucumber, The long green are Fothergill's Esmarald cucumbers, the shorter green/yellow is a Burpless Tasty Green and the Mini Whites have gone mad. I had another Burpless and 2 Mini Whites and runner beans but I gave them to my neighbour when I got home. 

The weeds have gone mad, the grass that was only cut two weeks ago is high and needs cutting again. 

This crazy seesaw of rain and very hot and warm weather has made the corn grow high and the pollen tassel at the top is there before the fruit or ears of corns have even formed on the stalk, so I'm not holding my breath for a good result from this new variety from  Marshalls Alliance Sweetcorn at the moment, but I will have to wait and see what happens. 

The butternut squash has started an invasion across the paths and into the surrounding beds. It's making me think that perhaps I should keep a large area at the bottom of the site just for growing butternut squash. The Pumpkin has also taken over half of the bed and is also wanting to invade the neighbouring beds.

Five buckets of apples and three of shredded paper were added to the acidic dalek, and this years two normal Daleks were again filled with alternate layers of grass and shredded paper. 

A couple of beds were weeded and the path weeded and covered in weed membrane. 

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