Thursday, 15 August 2019

Cucumber A - Frame

After knocking up the Plug Plant Extractor the gadget building bug has got me again. In the car are 8 x 1.5m lengths of 40mm plastic pipes, 2 solvent weld Tee Connections 6 x push fit Tee connections and 4 x 90 degree push fit Elbows, a roll of plastic covered mesh fencing and a hand saw, ready for the weekend.

Total Station sold me the wrong pipe, which I had cut before I noticed, so I had to change some of the original solvent weld fitting for push fittings and they did not have enough push fit Tee connections so I made and executive decision to alter the design above slightly by changing the Tee connections at the bottom rear to 90 degree elbows. 

My Cucumbers are going to be so spoilt next year it's going to be untrue, I cant wait to get it all to the allotment for the build.


  1. I personally never thought to make a cucumber frame like this, it is very interesting that you can make something that will help so much just from bits from tool station or Screwfix. Do you mind if I take this idea and make it myself for next year? Michael & Dawn

  2. Mike & Dawn - Knock yourself out I'm thinking an arch next ;0)

    1. Thank you, I need to finish tackling my mares tail then I will look into making this frame.

    2. Removing mares tail is a never ending job, Just fit making the frame in somewhere here is a link to the MK1 Version from 2016