Sunday, 11 August 2019

Repairs and Weeding

A nicer less windy morning on the allotment this Sunday 

Yesterday I mopped up the shelf under the cooker where water had been driven through the joints in the T&G boarding where shrinkage had opened the joint and later swelling and moisture and bowing of the planks had stopped the joints from re engaging. Daylight can be seen in the first photo and the water staining on the shelf in the first two photographs.  

I've filled the joint from the inside with framing silicone and smoothed it on the outside to stop the water from running or being driven into the shed by the wind.   

I managed to get the runner bean cantilever brackets fixed back to the hanging basket brackets. I have cleared the sprout hoops from bed one and laid them on bed 12 and have re laid the path to the left of the bed.

Beds 3, 4 & 5 Spuds 

Bed 9 Butternut Squash on the right and Pumpkin and Mini White and Kiwano on Bed 10 and the path between Beds 9 & 10 has been lost under the vegetation.  

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