Saturday 30 December 2017

Wind Challenge

The plan for today was to cut the remaining two 3m x 2m sheets into 666mm wide strips 3m long, but with the wind being high there was no way that was going to happen, outside using the washing line to hold up the sheet. The saw horses are buried deep in the sheds and are not accessible. Lets face it both shed are so full of stuff that I can't get to anything and that's going to have to change in 2018. I'm going to have to become a little ruthless and actually throw things away in 2018, and yes I say the same every year, but this year it must happen.

The solution was to use two fold out tables that we use indoors occasionally and the scaffold board which is stored in the brick shed which I can get at and work in the kitchen and cut the sheets with the soldering iron in the traditional way.

It really didn't take too long and I ended up with another six path width rolls 3m long to add to the six that I cut the other day which is 36m of path weed membrane in all.

Looking at the plan I'm going to need 7 rolls to cover the paths between bed 1 - 6 and the path parallel to the North wall on plot 1A.    

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