Saturday 16 December 2017

Has He Dropped Off The Planet ?

In a word no, I'm aware I have not posted anything for over three weeks. I've just been really busy with family health matters, I've had a weekend away with the family, the weather has been awful and I have been dealing with setting up a Facebook Group and a Web site for London Borough of Sutton Site Reps, which is why the page has gone from this blog which was its temporary home, as it now has a nice new home of its own.

I have been shredding paper and compressing it in buckets with lids and collect leaves and dropping them down to the allotment in preparation for making compost in 2018. It was during one of those drop off visits that Redrow & Natta Construction were again working on clearing the area for the composting toilet that they are donating and installing.

The guy on the digger was waiting for a skip to arrive so that they could ship out the debris, so I asked him if he would like to assist me in digging out the hump of composting weeds that the previous owner had stacked in the internal corner formed by the boundary wall, and levelling and filling the holes left by the foxes den and the Hawthorne tree roots that have been dug out.

It took him less than five minutes to do what would have taken me a good day to dig out by hand, and was worth a small drink as a thank you. Yes I still need to dig and remove weeds but he has leveled the area where the shed and greenhouse is planned to go.

Thus I didn't feel bad about the fact that I had missed two Sundays due to inclement weather and having a life outside of the allotment.

I should have asked the guy with the digger to remove the trees along the return wall, but I had to get off the site before the skip lorry arrived and only thought about how easy that would have been when I was halfway home. Never mind I'm happy for the help and what he did do for me

So on the next visit, harvest the sprouts ready for Christmas Lunch, trim up the foliage and trees along the return wall and dig them out. If I can get some weed membrane cut for the paths then sort out the area in front of the beans so that all the paths on Plot 1A will be covered and completely weed free again.

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