Sunday 17 December 2017

Sprouts For Christmas

A swift visit to the allotment Sunday to harvest sprouts for Christmas Dinner, some were past there sell by date because I didn't get around to harvesting when they were ready other were fine but when you start peeling them and find the bugs or bug eggs inside and you get to a level where you believe there aren't any more, there is not a lot of sprout left !

Two small bags worth from 8 plants and a lot of effort, but a bucket with lid worth of material for the compost heap. I will not be growing the purple sprouts anymore, I've tried then two years running and they have not amounted to anything worth having.

Nice to see our new young couple on the site busy attacking the brambles and burning what they have been clearing, if they carry on like this they will be ready to get some stuff in early next year.

There were five of us there Sunday morning which isn't bad seeing as we are such a small site.

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