Friday, 29 December 2017

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

A few weeks ago I cut 2m wide weed membrane into 4 number 3m lengths and marked out three 666mm wide strips to be used for the 600mm wide paths that need to be weeded and covered on plot 1A.

The weather has not helped as usual December has been cold icy and wet. That combined with Christmas, the wife's continuing health problems and a weekend away not a lot of physical allotment related work has taken place. I have been doing more web building, Facebook group building,  review and amendments to the Allotment Gardening Guide used by the borough and Idverde and things relating to getting the LBS Site Rep Association up and flying.    

We no longer have the timber table in the back garden as this was replaced and was taken down to the allotment and turned into a potting bench in September, thus I'm having to be a bit creative to find something to cut upon, or another means of cutting the sheets.

I then had a Eureka moment and decided to hang the sheet on the washing line and use the soldering iron shaft rather than the tip and cut the sheets. Yes I had to hold the sheet away from it other half and against the wind, and the cut is a lot more ragged than when using the tip on a scaffold board that I used to lay on the garden table, but it works and I now have six number of path width sheets in the boot of the car, ready to go down to the allotment on the next visit.

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