Monday, 20 June 2016

Fathers Day & Foxes Den

As it's fathers day I only did a swift visit to the allotment, I dropped off some compost and harvest some of the cut grass that the council had cut for the dalek.

I planted out some Ramrod and Purplette Spring Onions filling the bed directly in front of the shed.

. I added eye bolts and bungee straps to the blow away so that it doesn't
There is a sack of coffee ground drying out inside.  
Then as I was about to leave, I noticed that something had been digging a den under Adam's shed at the rear of the plot. Too large for rats, my plot neighbour wondered if it could be a badger, not that anyone has ever seen a badger around these parts!. It's also not going to be the slow worms, so we concluded it was likely a fox as there are plenty of them around here.

The decision was to flood the hole to drive out anything inside before filling it, the hole has appeared in the last couple of days so the likelihood of any young cubs being in there was highly remote. The hole was filled and flower buckets full of manure were put in front to stop another attempt until I can get down to the plot and install the next metal shelf into the ground.      

When I got home my girls bought me three gardening related signs.

I don't remember planting this! ~ Destined for the greenhouse
Grow Dammit ~ also destined for the greenhouse
Trespassers will be composted ~ which I intend to put up on the entrance to my plot.

They also did a great roast dinner for me, with all the trimmings, and a lazy afternoon all watching Deadpool

Next Saturday Emma, Kelly and I are off for a three hour Quad bike expectance, they took me for a two hour experience for my birthday
Alans Allotment: Quadbikes Vs Allotment and we had such a great time we all said we would do it again.

That's what I call Father Daughters bonding time!

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