Saturday, 18 June 2016

10 Day update as rain stops most play

8th - 11th June - Rain stops play feeding the plants on the greenhouse with comfrey tea 

Sunday 12th June 2016 - Rain Stops play, and it's rain that has basically stopped any real progress at either allotments.

Monday 13th June - I did manage a quick visit between rain showers to plant some of the Crimson Crush experimental toms grown from the plants supplied last year. half have tomato looking leafs and the other have potato looking leafs. I know it's an F1, I know it will not run true and what I will get is the parents, but my logic is they must have some blight resistance in their own right so it's got to be worth a go and what have I go to loose.-

Tuesday 14th - More rain

Wednesday 15th June - My sister managed to get me a sack of coffee grounds which I took to plot 23B and I erected a blow away up against the shed and put the sack upon inside so that if we do get any sun it will dry out the grounds. The idea is to use eye bolts and a bungee cord to fix to the shed but I ran out of time as it was a flying visit before work.  
Thursday 16th June 2016 -  This morning I met Bill Wyatt - Assistant Parks Manager from the Parks Service on site to assist him in undertaking the plot inspections for this year, by identifying the plot numbers. I refused to take the photos on the site this year as historically I have taken photos and submitted to the council for their determination on who they send improvement notices to and I have also swapped with another site rep and we have taken the photographs of each others plots.

Unfortunately some people on the plots, and it's usually those that take exception to receiving the improvement notice, get very angry with the site reps when this happens.

One plot holder stopped talking to me and when I asked him what was wrong and what I had done to upset him, he Informed me that he though I was just a (four lettered expletive) there is no point in taking offence, I asked him to explain why he thought that, he declined and said I'm just not worth talking too, so I said he was entitled to his opinion. I always still acknowledge him and say hello and goodbye, but have yet to get a response.

Another wanted to take me out side for a punch up, as I'm guessing he saw the allotment as some kind of pub. No speaking for about 6 months, but now at least we are back on speaking terms

It's not always easy being the site rep, you can't please all of the people all of the time. I'm trying to get a drop off and pick up area arranged especially as parking is now a problem due to the developments on two sides of the allotment. Mencap are one plot holder and they come with a mini bus so somewhere to park for them and the rest of us not so local is important.

I digress on Thursday I turned up early at 8:00 with two trays of beetroots and planted them into bed 15 and was in the process of making space in the greenhouse for tomatoes when at around 8:30 Bill arrived. We were halfway through the inspections when the heavens opened up and saturated us both.

Friday 17th June - A quick visit to recover the weed membrane off bed 15 that I forgot to put away because of the rain and the rush to get home yesterday, I put down a coffee grounds barrier around the beetroots and placed a couple of slug traps in the bed.

Plot 1A - Runner Beans and Apples
Plot 1A Bed 15 - Beetroots (Coffee Grounds & Growmore)
Plot 1 - Bed 16 Over Wintered Cabbage

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