Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Butternut Squash, Beetroot & Coffee Grounds

A swift visit to plot 23B to plant Four Butternut squash, a tray of beetroot and put up coffee ground barriers around the cucumbers and new beets. Shredded paper added to Dalek 1.

Drop off at Plot 1A to pick up Comfrey. During the day the tomatoes in vending machine cups have been topped up with compost to the brim of the cups and they have all been given a comfrey bath, along with some of the older onions that need a boost.

Standpipe Tomatoes have finally been potted up into vending machine cups, and the spacesaver greenhouse has been re arranged such that all the toms are now on the top shelf and the spring onions on the second shelf. 

The experimental Crimson Crush from last years seed save (yes I know they are F1 etc. but it's an experiment) are now doing really well and I have a 50:50 split of tomato leaf and potato leaf plants which will go down to both allotments for growing comparison.

I went to wicks to pick up a few items, some of which they didn't have. Its got to be said the one local to me is bloody useless. They have solvent weld pipe in stock but no elbow fittings and I found the last two tees. The assistance suggestion after coming back with white elbows for black pipe from a store somewhere, was visit a larger Wicks in Merton - Doh!  
Then I wanted a stop end for my black 4" 100mm pipe that I'm going to make a short comfrey pipe for plot 23B and they only had it in terracotta colour. No coping stones for the brick wall in the garden. I used to think B&Q were bad but this new small Wicks is useless.

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