Thursday, 29 January 2015

Coir Blocks

A trip to Poundland to pick up 10 packs of 10 Litres of Potting soil which actually isn't soil its made from natural coir raw material and is compressed into a block 180 x 180mm x 35mm thick.

1) Cut the bag open at the top
2) Add 3 litres of lukewarm water
3) Wait about 5 minutes for the water to absorb
4) After 5 minutes you have at least 10 litres of fresh potting soil

This is a natural and environmentally product produced out of natural coconut coir raw material
It has good water intake ability and good water repartition in the pot

Picture on the left is the top of the pack
Picture in the middle is a pack before and after adding water
Picture on the right is what it looks like once watered

I shall be using this at the bottom of my flower buckets and mixed 50:50 with verve compost for my tomatoes   

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