Sunday 2 June 2024

Modifications To Greenhouses


Back on the 15th February I posted about possibly making modifications to my greenhouses on the plots as with my current and possible future mobility issues, due to the cancer and arthritis problems I will not find it easy to step in and out of the green house with it, as it is at the moment. Raising the greenhouse up and using the timber sub frame was not a problem when I erected the two Palrams one on each half plot

The timber sub- frame to the second Palram Green house erected in 2021 before being driven into the ground.
These frames give weight and increased the height of the greenhouse internally when I erected them, but now its just a barrier to me getting in and out of the greenhouse easily.

So I was thinking drill two holes in the timber and then saw a notch out of the timber and take an angle grinder to the steel frame. I will leave about half the depth of the timber to step over to ensure the structural integrity of the timber sub frame and to act as a threshold to the opening door.

I will then have to get some hinges and turn the sliding door into an opening door, I may need to build a door frame into the opening to mount the hinges for an opening door, plus I will need to extend the height or depth of the door.

The steel C Section is screwed to the timber all around and I may have to put some additional fixings either side of the door and perhaps some additional straps.

I also thought about making steps up and down either side of the threshold, but today when I was looking at the cost of replacing my two 1.8m x 1.2m (6x4ft) Palram greenhouses with a single 2.4m x 1.8m greenhouse,
I wasn't even in the bath and I had an eureka moment!

If I was too unscrew the Steel C section of the greenhouse from the timber sub frame and lift the greenhouse off the timber sub frame and use that else where to raise other beds higher, then dig a trench and bury the Steel C section of the greenhouse up to the red line then I would lower the threshold and make access easier.

Then I would end up with something that looks like the photo above but the ground inside would be the same level as the ground outside. No modification to the sliding door required. I'm sure I can get a few of the lads on the allotment to help me lift it off then place it back once the trench is dug.

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