Wednesday 29 May 2024

Filling The Extended Raised Bed


A quick slideshow using all the photos I took of the process showing how I filled up the Square Foot Garden Bed nearest my potting shed after we placed another ring of 200mm x 50mm timbers on top of the original frame.

I've done this because I have developed arthritis in most of my joints, during finding out and having cancer treatment last year and I can't get down on my knees at the moment to work low level beds. Thus I'm in the process of making the beds higher off the ground or deeper from the top of the bed, depending how your mind views what I've done.

We took all the Mel's Mix out of the single height bed, added another layer of repurposed roof joist and laid new "Magic Cardboard" on the bottom, then added felled trees, hedge and grass clippings, spent compost and coir (Hügelkultur bed style) and then finally put the excavated Mel's Mix back on top.

The blue MDPE water pipes and debris netting is to keep the foxes off and hopefully weed seeds away until I can get some plants in the bed. I am considering a ring of copper wire around the top and a 9V square battery to hold back the snails and slugs

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