Friday 17 May 2024

Buying Plants Delivered by Mail


It's not been a good year for receiving plants from gardening companies, I've received sweet potatoes that were mullered by the delivery courier and the packaging was ripped to shreds and the foliage was torn off, and now I've received this Tomato Black Moon that the courier decided in his infinite wisdom that placing the box on its back in the plastic recycle box in the sun would be a good idea. 

It might have been if they had left a card saying they had delivered and where they had put the package as no one answered the door to receive it, that's if they even bothered to ring the door bell in the first place. 

The companies that send these plants don't water them before they are dispatched as the additional weight would increase the cost of shipping. I did report the sweet potatoes and they said they would re send and I've not received a replacement. I've informed the company that sent the Black Moon Tomato plant and I'm waiting for a reply.

That's me done buying plants via mail delivery, thank God that I'm gradually getting my mobility back and will be able to go to garden centres to select what I want to buy again soon.  

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