Sunday 24 March 2024

T&M Strawberry (Fragaria) Elsanta

New to Thompson & Morgan for 2024 Strawberry (Fragaria) Elsanta
an excellent mid-season Dutch variety, producing heavy crops of glossy, orange-red fruit with a delicious sweet flavour. 

A supermarket favourite, Elsanta strawberries have a good storage life and are less prone to bruising than many varieties. 

The juicy berries can be picked from mid-June through to mid-July and are perfect for making your own jams or for freezing to enjoy when out of season. 

Height: 20cm (8"). Spread: 30cm (12").

New Mid Season Variety 
Heavy crops of Delicious Sweet Fruit
Less Prone to bruising than many Varieties 

Available Pack Sizes

  £5.99 -   1 x 9cm Peat Free Potted Plant  
  £9.99 -   1 x 9cm Potted Plant 
£17.99 -   5 x 9cm Potted Plants  
£27.99 - 10 x 9cm Potted Plants
£19.99 -   6 x 9cm Peat-Free Potted Plants 
£34.99 - 12 x 9cm Peat-Free Potted Plants  
  £8.99 -   6 x Bear Root Plants
£11.99 - 12 x Bear Root Plants

The web site states "Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a defined plant size. The height and spread of the plant delivered will vary depending on the season, meaning arrival images are an indication only." however there are no photographs of what you receive on the web site, below is what arrived from Thompson & Morgan. 

Now I have no idea what the difference is between a 9cm Peat Free Potted Plant & a 9cm Potted Plant that warrants an additional £4. I've emailed and asked T&M Customer Services and will let you know if and when I get a reply. 

Update via email received 25th March 2024 3:45pm 
The only difference between the two plants is the soil in this instance, and the price difference is due to the peat-free and non-peat free coming from different suppliers and stock.


How To Grow

Plant strawberry plants in autumn or late spring in a sheltered, sunny position in well manured, free draining soil. Plant strawberry runners every 45cm (18”) in rows spaced at 75cm (30”) apart. Spread out their roots and place them in the soil at a level where the crown of the plant is just poking above the surface. Avoid planting them too deeply as this may cause them to rot. Alternatively try growing strawberry plants in hanging baskets or in specially designed strawberry planters for the patio.

More Information 

Water strawberries frequently throughout the growing season and weed regularly between rows. When growing strawberry plants in baskets and containers, they will also need feeding every two weeks. From early summer, remove any runners that are produced as these will weaken the plants vigour. Protect the developing fruit from slugs and snails by spreading straw around each plant. Positioning a net over the plants will also prevent crop damage by birds. The netting and straw can be removed after cropping to allow better air flow around the crown of the plant. Mulch strawberry plants with well rotted manure in spring. Although strawberry plants will continue to fruit in successive years, the crop will become considerably reduced and it is advisable to completely replace strawberry plants every 3 years.

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