Thursday 8 February 2024

Dobies - Popcorn Fiesta

Dobies have sent me a pack of Popcorn Fiesta Average 40 seeds on a pack for £2.99

Have a popping party with Sweetcorn ‘Popcorn Fiesta’! Statuesque plants produce stunningly ornamental, multi-coloured long cobs with kernels of yellow, red, black, purple and pink! 

Brush them with butter, cover the dish with cling film and place in the microwave – kids will love watching them pop into delicious, fluffy popcorn. 

These edible fireworks are easy to grow – treat them the same as other sweetcorn varieties but harvest the cobs when the kernels have fully ripened. 

Height: 180-200cm (79in). Spread: 50cm (20in).

Another confusing and inaccurate graphic from the Dobies Web site on the package it says Sowing from April to June but the block on the graphics above, it goes to the end of May only, then the pack shows Harvesting Period from August to November but the graphic above only goes to the end of September!

Come on Dobies get your web authors to read the back of the packs or perhaps even include a written description about how to sow and growing instructions on the web pages from the back of the packs. You never know you might just pick these editing errors up when you build the pages.

Sowing Instructions

Sow in a propagator one seed per 5cm (2") pot at approximately 18-21C (68-70F) using a good quality compost. Cover seeds with 2.5cm (1") of compost. Germination takes 7 -14 days.

Growing Instructions 

Can also be sown directly outside, late May - June, 2 seeds per station, thinning to the strongest seedling. Plant out when the risk of frost has passed. allow 40cm (18") between plants each way in a block pattern to aid pollination. harvested and dried kernels can be stored in airtight containers ready to `pop' later in the year.

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