Monday 2 January 2023

Greenhouse Loft Conversion

My daughters & Son-in-law made the magic happen for me this afternoon, and gave me a window of opportunity to visit the allotment and trial fit the Dormer Window for the greenhouse before I sort out the fan locations and finally assemble it (Once I have found my Glue Gun of course).

As you will have seen from previous post the automatic vent opener broke and was open all the time even in minus C temperatures and then one corner of the frame split at the bolt connection and then finally the wind took 3 sides of the panel frame and the panel for a fly halfway up plot 1A

View for the dormer cheek, the roof at the moment cantilevers over the front of the dormer which will provide some cover to the two openings. I may use a fixed louvre cover to the fans depending what I can form directly using the Twinwall Polycarbonate sheeting. 

Here are the photo's of the structure held together with some gaffer tape in place, for the trial fit. To basically make sure I took the dimension correctly and what I have cut from the sheet will work.

Proposed Locations for the two fans.

Solar Fans from ebay £8.29 with Free P&P 

Possible Fixed Louvre Vent to the fans.

Supports at 40 degrees from horizontal will go on top of the flat roof to take the solar panels for the two fans and the external sensor for the internal/external temperature gauge will be mounted through it.

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