Sunday 9 January 2022

Bulbs and Beds

An icy start to the day, scraping the windscreen before we set off for the allotment. Emma (Daughter) came to keep Jen (Wife) company and Andy (Son-In-Law) came to give me help on the plot.

Mill Green allotments does have its own little micro climate going on especially as it now has the tall flats on the left in the photo above and the houses to the right. When we arrived the was a little ice on the paving slab paths, but that soon thawed.

Later in the morning I was emptying the pots from the Quadgrows in the Plot 1 greenhouse and with the reflective heat off the boundary wall it was between 16C -18C in the greenhouse and the vent window was opening.

50p Bargains from B&Q that I picked up just before Christmas consisting of  Snowdrops, Grape Hyacinths, Dwarf Iris and Dutch Iris bulbs. I have two more packs of Snowdrops for the back garden. 

Andy borrowed my Ryobi Drill and the 75mm Power Planter and planted the  Snowdrops, Grape Hyacinths, Dwarf Iris, Dutch Iris, Tulips and Daffs that were rescued from Bed 18 on our last visit around the edge of the paths to Plot 1

The bulbs moved from Bed 18 before Christmas are really showing to the left of the entrance path onto plot 1 off the main path. I hope not many will come up blind this year as a result of the move, we will have to wait and see how things go. 

There is now a line of bulbs about 150mm off the leading edge of the plot on the Main path and they return all the way up the path between plot 1 and plot 2 

Andy gave me a hand to cut the blue barrel into thirds which turned out to be 11" or 275mm high sections using the Ryobi circular saw. So I've ended up with a shallow sand carrot bed container from the bottom third, and two 275mm high blue rings for the Agapanthus that will go in the ground each side of the path into plot 1 off the main path. 

I'm going to measure the mature Agapanthus plant I have in the back garden and work out where to place the centre of the plant to find the best location to allow for growth over the years such that I or the next custodian of the plots will be able to continue use the path when the plants are mature.

The blue rings are shown approximately were I think they will be going, but once I've set them out properly the rings will be dug into the ground about half way to try and contain the roots a little.

Bed 16 was cleared of the climbing frames that were erected for the cucumbers either end and the compost and coir from the Quadgrow plots in the Plot 1 greenhouse were deposited onto it as a  conditioner. It was then covered with it's Winter blanket to keep the soil from getting too cold and keep any weed seeds in darkness.  

Bed 18 that had all the Daffs and Tulips in was sporting 6 bulbs showing stem growth. They were removed by Andy and put in along the path between plots 1 & 2 and this bed then also had it's Winter weed membrane blanket put on it.

I cut the sycamore tree down that was growing in front of the apple tree up against the wall.

A curious healthy looking fox came walking about to see what we were doing. They have no fear of us at all, they are beautiful to see and keep the rats down but can also be a real pain in the arse when they start playing, digging and shitting on your plot.

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