Saturday 29 January 2022

New Varieties from D.T.Brown

Five new varieties of seeds from D.T.Brown plus the free one they give you with every seed order this year it's Pak Choi. 

The first clubroot resistant Savoy cabbage with great tasting leaves forming large, heavy heads. Also resistant to ringspot and white rust for consistently high-quality crops of large savoy cabbages weighing between 1.5kg-2kg each. 

The web site says "leaves are attractive and are of good colour and flavour." I agree with the colour and I'm looking forward to finding out about the flavour. I love the idea that I don't have to worry about clubroot, so far I have been lucky but prevention is better than cure. 

A premium carrot with excellent vigour, for quick crops of smooth skinned roots with deep colour and great flavour. Slow to bolt, for a longer harvest period. 

The well flavoured roots show good uniformity with attractive, well attached foliage which is well suited to bunching. 

Another variety for me to try in the cut down water butt to get Bugs Bunny type carrots. 

A growers’ favourite for many years, little gem has always been a plot staple for us. This high-quality little gem type produces crops of outstanding reliability and flavour. 

The compact growth makes it a great choice for growing where space is limited and will perform well in patio containers. When harvested the leaves are perfect for adding crunch to salads.

The world's first downy mildew resistant variety, for reliable crops of delicious red globe onions. Expect excellent yields of mild tasting, large red bulbs which store very well when kept in cool, dark and dry conditions. 

The bulbs are of good quality and have a mellow flavour which is well suited for serving in summer salads.

The attractive, compact and bushy plants are highly productive and a great choice for those with smaller growing spaces. The plants are well suited to containers, balconies and sheltered patios. 

This variety is heavy cropping, producing good numbers of sweet and juicy, red peppers. A perfect variety for containers on a sunny sheltered patio.

Free Trial Pack Pak Choi. - Although there is an item code on the pack of seeds, there is no page on the web site about the Free pack of seeds they are giving away this year. There are however two mentions in the 2022 Spring Catalogue. 

The D.T.Brown Garden Equipment Catalogue Spring 2022 came with my seeds along with a seed label for each pack. 

I know that this information is scattered around in the main catalogue, but it was nice to take it and have it to read whilst waiting in the doctors surgery having got an actual physical appointment after nearly two years. 

And yes! I have found something in it that I'm going to order. 

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