Sunday 2 June 2019

Watering & Composting

The Spuds in buckets at the Plot 1A end were looking a little limp and overheated and this photo is after they had a good watering. Last week I got a little sun burnt and worn out in the heat, so I decided not to submit myself to it today, and my visit was timed for later in the day when the sun was not so harsh and there was some shade on the plot. Thus not a lot of progress on the infrastructure as I was there primarily for a deep watering of the beds.

There is still not a lot of activity on the beetroot bed and this was a pack of new seed, that being said I really need to get down there at least three times a week to water as I drowned the bed three times and it dried out so quickly. 

The spuds in beds 3, 4 & 5 are doing well and looking lush. 

The spuds in square flower buckets on the Plot 1 end are growing well, and from the looks of it are handling the sun and the heat a lot better that their counterparts on Plot 1A 

The trees did look distressed which was nice to see and I gave them a good drowning 

Having a tidy up of the back garden on Saturday generated four buckets with lids worth of decaying leafs, worm castings etc that were taken to the allotment and added to the Dalek along with a bucket load of kitchen waste.

A tidy up of litter that gets thrown over the wall by workmen and sorting out of the buckets with lids to get them under the extensions to the sheds once more and it was time to come home.  

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