Sunday, 4 November 2018

Beetroot Harvest

Today the focus was on beds 7, 9 &10 all which had beetroots in. Bed 7 right at the back of the photo to the right of the greenhouse is a mixture of weeds and beetroots. Bed 9 had beetroots that were too small to harvest about six weeks ago, and bed 10 was a last minute sowing once the bed became free in an attempt to get a late harvest which appears to have worked. 

At the end of the morning I had harvested all the Beetroots and filled up a bucket with them. So within the next couple of days they will be cooked off and pickled. 

Beds 10 & 9 are now clear of blue water pipe hoops and any form of weed membrane so that the Robin can get at any slugs or other tasty morsels that he may find, before I cover up the beds for Winter next weekend.

Bed 7 in the background had all the beetroots removed but there was not enough time for me to clear the weeds. 

I've turned up the shelf on the side extension to the store and I stacked more composting materials.

Daleks 2 & 3 were once again topped up with the vegetation off the beetroots, comfrey, leafs and paper shredding's and watered in layers.

Next major visit, clear the weeds in bed 7, cover beds 9 & 10 for winter, harvest the spuds from bed 11 and take down the climbing frames on beds 14 & 15 weed and leave uncovered for a week then cover.

Make some more soft bricks and replace those that have got brittle.    

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