Wednesday, 8 February 2017

LED Portable Grow Station

The urge to sow something is very strong, and I have not been able to clear the outside brick shed in order to set up a grow station, however in the process of clearing the office I have emptied a plastic storage box and have decided to use it to create a portable grow station.

I've fixed the LED panel that I bought on ebay a little while ago to the lid of the box using paperclips straightened with a hook at the end then using the hanging hole provided for the hanging wires. Then through holes I melted in the lid with my trusty soldering iron to line up, bent over on the outside and gaffer tapped down to prevent them slipping or moving.

As it happens the panel sits on the profiles that allows these kind of boxes to stack, but having the panel fixed to the lid will prevent the LED panel from slipping in and killing any seedlings 

A full tray fits comfortably in the storage box and I have an upturned tray and module liner as packing bringing the double tray with module liner and vending machine cups up close to the LED lights. So the plan will be to remove the middle module tray packer as the plants grow. 

At the moment I have the grow station sitting on another storage box at the end of my narrow office next to the radiator and the window, but I can relocate it in the outside store or in the spare bedroom if needs be.

So now all I need to do is fill the vending machine cups with a mixture MPC and seed and cutting compost and sow the Brussel Sprouts.

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