Friday, 3 February 2017

Collecting Compost Ingredients

As a result of the need to clear my office so that the contractor can get to the water system drain point for the bathroom conversion to wet room, I'm finally spending time clearing it out of stuff that is out of date or not needed anymore. As a result I am producing a shed load of shredded paper, and have another 3 sacks to take to the allotment.

Unfortunately I have run out of the buckets with lid that I usually compress the paper into, but the good news is the wheelie bin I acquired will hold black rubbish sacks which I intend to squash and compress by putting some heavy buckets with lids on so that I can store as much browns composting making material as possible ready for when we finally start cutting the grass again and I have an abundance of greens.

I would like to build a bigger stock pile of hops, but space is a premium at the moment and I don't want to clutter the plot any more than it is at the moment, I need to remove the existing pile of hops from the paved area so that I can continue with the levelling process.

What I do need to do is find an alternative source for coffee grounds

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