Tuesday 7 November 2023

"Thing" Helps

With Halloween having just gone, "Thing" came to give me a hand on the allotment today.

Thing harvested more butternut squash foliage and as I cant stand and walk for long at the moment, I took to my walker seat up against the shed and cut them up nice and small for the worms in my worm farm.
Time fly's when your having fun or working on the allotment, and then it was time to come home for lunch.

I started cutting back the winter raspberries.

Thing worked on clearing the Greenhouse climbing frame of weeds in the beds, and I attacked the Winter Raspberry Bed and the Late Summer Raspberry Bed for as long as my legs and back would allow.

Small amount of November tomato harvest from the Plot 1 Greenhouse, It's been an exceptional year for tomatoes.

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