Saturday 22 April 2023

Making The Third Staging - Part 2

So with yesterdays build and proof of concept and test fit for the third staging, today I went about the task of building the bottom shelf of the third staging for the Forest Garden Potting Shed 
I took the test fit down and more or less repeated the process to make the top shelf to make the bottom shelf with a minor modification and assembled and fixed it all together.    

This photo is from a few days in the future as I didn't take a lot of photos today and I was concentrating on getting the third staging completed but as you can see I've made the bottom shelf the same width as the top by notching out the boards around the legs, whereas the two Forest Garden ones supplied with the shed are within the legs and the bottom shelf is not as wide as the top. 

With to potting tray now in the third staging up against the gable wall, I have more growing space on the staging's along the windows, plus more than ample room for me and perhaps others to work or shelter in the potting shed.   

I installed and inside and outside thermometer from Lidl today adding to the collection of thermometers in the potting shed, so I can see the difference between the inside and outside temperatures. 

I love that the blue bells give some colour and some early food for the bees, but its nice to see that the comfrey is coming up now.

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