Tuesday 25 April 2023

Like The Cast Of Last Of The Summer Wine

Six more Parsnips germinated and transplanted into loo rolls, that's 3 trays worth now so I need to find my bulb planter and get them in the ground this week.

16 Organdi Dwarf French Beans sown in root trainers
16 Lazy Housewife Climbing Beans Sown in root trainers
Tray of Cos Lettuce sown.

Coffee grounds in tug with Radish & some slug and snail small blue pellets of death added as they are feasting on my Radish leaf's

Onions all types growing, but whites are a little slower.

Suttons KA1985 Grapevine (Vitis) Lakemore White (Seedless) needs to spread out a bit more this year. It got damaged by wild life last year so is not as advanced or has the wall coverage the red grape vine has

Signs of life on both grape vines which made me smile.

Suttons KC5383 Grapevine Plant - Flame Red (Seedless) showing signs of life

Blossom on the apple trees, also made me smile.

Mares Tail removed along with the root system 

Mares Tail removed from half of Bed 16

Mares tail showing in uncovered beds, (which made me frown) and I removed from half of Bed 16 before coming home as I need to sow Beetroots into Bed 16 this week according to my sowing master plan.

Coffee and biscuits break with John and Wally. The three of us remind me of the cast of Last Of The Summer Wine, not sure which of us is Compo, I think it's Wally.

When the sun came out we could feel it burning our skins, it was not out that long and when the clouds came over it was time to put the fleece back on.

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