Sunday 19 March 2023

Hydrate Coir whilst the Sun Shines

This weekend a year ago I was making the square foot gardening beds and two years ago I was cutting the slabs to go into the Plot 1 Greenhouse and getting the Quadgrows installed, March this year is looking to be quite cold and wet.

This Sunday I hydrated a CoCo Grow Plus Block of Coir to 75 Litres and bagged it up and filled the Coir storage bin ready for getting the new potatoes in Buckets in.

I also dug out the nettles from bed 1 and turned it over and then gave it a dressing of soil coir and compost from last years
potatoes in Buckets.

Two buckets of flowers went into the active Dalek together with two buckets of cardboard and shredded paper and a layer of coffee grounds between each layer. They were watered in with weed water from the weed feed butt.

Gerald is still on security detail and awaiting some idea as to when the potting shed will arrive as there was logistic problems on Wednesday and my delivery was cancelled.

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