Monday, 24 February 2020

Allotment & Life Update

Rain, Rain and more Rain !  The weather is not my friend at the moment and I'm not getting any progress made on the allotment, then come Friday and my computer decides to reboot and reset my profile so I loose everything that has been installed.

I calling an IT support person I know, but as he has gone to Hong Kong for a fortnight, I ended up with one of his employees. So many hours of backing up everything on the computer before playing with Regedit and then finally building a new profile and I at least had email back but have lost part of my mail manager. 

Saturday was spent recovering more data under the new profile. As it was dry I fitted in a visit to the allotment to give the two plot holders their keys. Idverde sent them to me but failed to package them correctly and they arrived in a bag from the post office with their sincere apologies that the enclosed item has reached me in this condition and that if anything is damaged or if anything is missing I could claim. 

During the week I scrounged five secondary glazing panels from my neighbour a couple of doors away as they were having their old Crittall window frames replaced and I can use these as a cloche / Cold Frame and covering to warm up the soil in the beds early.  

I only had limited time on the plot, as I needed to get back to the wife and to recovering the computer, so as it was dry I painted the top and the tall stack of raised beds as they were painted last year just before my accident, the top one was not filly painted and the others could do with freshening up before they are put in place.  

Update on the tree on the shed and the wall, nothing has happened yet, they are nearly there with the road construction to the rear of the property and I can't see the wall being done until that's completed, but I did note that the steel container in that corner has now been removed so hopefully they will start at the end of this week or the beginning of next. 

Sunday the Backup Disk No 2 stopped working!  It appears it's the power supply and not the hard disk and as I have two of them I can at least use one at a time. So a quick trip out to buy another portable 2TBytes backup device Which I will call Disk 3 and most of Sunday was spent backing up Disk 2 to Disk 3.  

Today I will be backing up Disk 1 to Disk 3 so that I have a backup of both of my 1TByte backup disks.      

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