Thursday, 8 October 2015

Crimson Crush Toms and Strawberry Plants

Keith my brother in law dropped off a sack of strawberry plants he had dug up from his new allotment, the runners we strange in that they had grown right next to the existing plants because the area was so dense and the root to the strawberries were massive. So I now have a whole lot of strawberries potted up and waiting for me to clear the new plot and give them a home.

I also planted on the cabbage seeding's from the modules in the greenhouse into vending machine cups and found the micro snail that had started munching them and sent him to snail heaven. 

Strange that one or two of the crimson crush tomatoes in the greenhouse appear to be developing signs of blight as they ripen. I keep an eye on all the ripening toms and extract any ill looking fruits as soon as I notice problems.

The Red Robin toms are holding their own and I'm hoping to harvest them as the toms in the fridge and ripening Cherry Toms in the greenhouse not attached to plants anymore run out.

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