Saturday 16 September 2023

Daleks on Bed 5

Another good morning on the allotment with daughter Emma, as I can't get down to pick thing on the ground up at the moment she has been a little god send.

I may have over done things a little and should have taken a few more rest breaks but I was having a great time and we got a lot done this morning.

Tomatoes in the potting shed harvested and the pots all emptied into a trug that then went into the two Daleks we set up.

I cut two Dalek shaped holes in the 2.4 x 1.2m Blank sheet of membrane, Emma weeded the bed I levelled it and then together we placed the Daleks on Bed 5 and fitted the weed membrane sheet over and it fixed down the the winter.

Emma filled the Quadgrows up with water in the plot 1 greenhouse.

She also cleared the last two onion beds and those have been weeded and put to sleep the the winter.

Another great harvest of tomatoes from outside on the plot and the greenhouse and potting shed experiment.
All set up for me to start filling the Daleks up with the vegetation as we start clearing beds.

Emma found some melons in amongst the foliage under the grape vines

Footnote Thanks to my sister Elaine for popping in to help me with creaming my legs and getting my socks on this morning

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