Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Wednesday Night Visit

The potatoes in buckets have not done well in the sun despite being watered on Saturday and Sunday. I've gave them another deep watering and hopefully they will buck up but I need to come at least every other day to water these as they are not buried in the soil for the roots to search out additional water.

It's been well over two months since idverde have been to cut the grass on the maim path, plot holders are starting to complain so I've emailed them about it.

I can understand the plot holders getting upset especially when they take the time to strim there paths between plots. The plot on the right has been given a non cultivation notice and has 11 more days to run before it becomes a termination notice and they get another 28 days to remove anything of value, which on this plot is the 3 trees she planted two years ago. 

What you can't see is the the half plot behind this one is so well cultivated but he has all this lot going to seed next door. 

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