Plans for Spencer Road Plot 23B

This page is dedicated to Spencer Road Plot 23B. It holds my thoughts and plans for 2018


Now that we have the drop off and pick up area at Mill Green there is no reason for me to have the allotment at Spencer Road. In addition the plot next to mine at Mill Green has become free and I have been on the waiting list for it and it's now officially mine.


Two years of time and effort has gone into establishing an infrastructure of a paved area for the shed and greenhouse and enough concrete paving slabs for a path the length of the whole plot and the composting and Walking Onion area.

The soil on this site has a lot of gravel in it and is not as good as Mill Green it's very stony where as Mill Green has had five years of improvement works undertaken by me and it was fairly good to start with as it was originally used for growing before it became an allotment.

I've paid the rent on Spencer Road for the year, as I need time to prepare the area for the Shed and the Greenhouse On Mill Green Plot 1, then I can arrange to dismantle and shift from Spencer Road to move to Mill Green. I do have beds that I could potentially grow in, but they would need to be things like butternut squash, marrows etc. that could basically look after themselves, as I want to spend as little time as possible on Spencer Road and More time on Mill Green this year

If I can get everything moved over by the end of March I will just give the plot up before the rent expires or the inspections take place at the end of May. 


  1. Hiya there - very random comment! I've just moved back to my my childhood home in one of the roads off Spencer road! been dying to get a plot in this allotment (been eyeing it up since aged 11!) anyways woudl love some insight on getting a plot in this spot!

    1. Take a look at and download the application form, Mill Green Allotment is just around the corner and has fewer on the waiting list.